Saturday, 4 July 2009

cross platform popup notifications in gtk

Recently I've been building a cross platform microblogging system in python with gtk. I was used to using py-notify on the linux platform to give the user popup notifications, however this would obviously not work on windows. I experiemented with the balloon notifications that windows has, but felt they were a bit limiting (no way to add images easily, and to be frank, interacting with the win32api was giving me suicidal tendencies.

I've created a simple class, gtkPopupNotify to deal with these things and it's available at github. Using it is simple:
import gtkPopupNotify
notifier = gtk.PopupNotify.NotificationStack(timeout=6)
notifier.new_popup(title="Sample popup", message="This is a popup", image="exclamation.png")

Colours, positioning etc. can all be set via the object properties and will affect all popups created afterwards, eg.

notifier.bg_color = gtk.gdk.Color("green")

Current problems: Not sure how to check for panel placement so the popup doesn't cover a users panel. On many systems I could use:

notifier.edge_offset_y = 30

but obviously this isn't very portable. Suggestions welcome!

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